Corporate Social Responsability

Astra, which has always been attentive not only to the safety and performance of its products, but also to market trends, has long been on a virtuous path to integrate sustainability into its corporate strategy, with the intention of materializing further commitments in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility. The future is getting ready to be full of news for the beauty world and Astra intends to be part of it with a conscious and renewed company policy, pursuing operational and financial objectives alongside a clear vision on environmental, social and governance issues.



The link with the territory is an essential value that Astra wishes to continue to transmit to its consumers, in order to create an increasingly authentic relationship between the brand and people. Evocative landscapes that tell of the simple and unique lands of Umbria, places rich in history, art, culture and nature, which express the core values through which Astra Make - Up carries on the challenge of its own "change in continuity," thanks to extraordinarily innovative products and a Social Responsibility that will always continue to believe in quality, performance, safety and the environment.

Astra Worldwide

Our brand is constantly expanding and is currently present in over 50 countries across Africa, Europe, South America, the Middle East, and Asia.