Choose Astra Make-Up for an irresistible look. From mascaras to eye shadow palettes, each product is designed to enhance your natural beauty. Express your personality to the fullest with the wide range of products dedicated to your eyes.

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Make-up Eyes

Cosmetic products for your eye make-up.

The eyes are the focal point of any make-up look, which is why Astra has come up with a complete range of cosmetic products for your eye make-up. Created to make the most of your eye makeup, high performance and with a high percentage of natural ingredients.

In the Astra range you will find mascaras designed for all needs, with formulas and wipes created to volumize, curl and lengthen lashes. A huge selection of black and intense eye-liners to fully express your personality.

You can also have fun with the various types of eyeshadows: pencils, pencils and palettes to play with endless shades characterized by high pigmentation, creamy textures, glam colors and bold finishes.

To give your eyes extraordinary depth every day, discover Astra's signature eye pencils: gliding and soft, with intense and blendable colors, suitable for any look. Finally, to shape, fix and enhance your eyebrows find a complete line of eyebrow pencils and sets that redefine the look with perfect, natural lines.