NUDE TEMPTATION 01: An alchemy of nuances with neutral tones.Taupe, cream, champagne and hazelnut are the essential colours to create natural make-up looks during the day, unexpectedly sensual at night. The most elegant and versatile palette, suitable for all skin types.

WARM TEMPTATION 02: Inspired by the sunset and the earth. Warm Temptation combines a selection of 12 glowing eyeshadows with warm undertones. Burnt oranges, iridescent bronzes, warm browns and intense burgundies, an explosion of the hottest colours for smoky eyes that you can no longer do without.

CHERRY TEMPTATION 03: Like a delicious red fruit smoothie, a charming and alluring colour spectrum that combines the playful versatility of pinks with the languid shades of purple and mauve. And so the sparkling nuance of rosé champagne is combined with the vivid and passionate shade of raspberry, in a garden dotted with flowers with candid and passionate tones at the same time.


Temptation Palette is dedicated to those who want to be carried away by colour and are not afraid to be bold !