It contains:

  • CITRUS GRANDIS FRUIT EXTRACT: grapefruit extract, thanks to its Vitamin C content, has an antioxidant effect that prevents cellular ageing;
  • PULLULAN: a natural polysaccharide derived from starch that reduces the visibility and thickness of wrinkles and improves skin firmness;
  • MANNAN, PENTYLENE GLYCOL, CITRIC ACID, AQUA: active collagen booster consisting of a mannan fraction derived from the South African plant Bulbine Frutescens, promotes the synthesis of high-quality collagen, resulting in smooth, supple, firm and rejuvenated skin.

It is formulated with more than 97,2% of ingredients of natural origin.


Astra Skin is the fruit of Astra's love for skincare: a sensorial and fun path that, through specific steps and high performance products, ensures results to be caressed.

A collection that includes a complete range of products for facial cleansing and treatment.