Its texture infused with perfumed oils and sparkling pearls, blends sinuously with the skin, blending effortlessly with a simple massage.

Available in two radiant colours, the transparent base of Opulence allows it to be applied on different phototypes: the final effect will be determined by the dazzling golden shade of the pearls.

The Golden Hour reference, with its brazenly bronzed shade, guarantees an immediate luminous tan effect, like after a long trip to tropical beaches.


Its contains an exclusive blend of ingredients, including organic blueberry seed oil, which helps give the skin a luminous appearance, organic grape seed oil, with an antioxidant and anti-dark spot action and jojoba oil, with hydrating properties.

Furthermore, thanks to an exclusive film former, Sunsory's formula is long-lasting and no-transfer tested*: once applied and blended, the product will not stain the fabrics it comes into contact with.

*evaluation through clinical analysis of traces/residues of color on fabric: ACRYLIC, COTTON and SILK.